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Global reaching businesses frequently face a crucial choice in IT: choose a partner to gain efficiency or accept the risk and the cost of developing activities internally.

Multigrain group, a very strong brazilian trading of agricultural commodities, chose SevenFast services.

Since January/2009, Multigrain is using a software product created by SevenFast to control its importing and exporting contracts position of agricultural commodities. Since the beginning, there were a lot of improvements in processes and in AgroERP itself.

SevenFast is always careful to users needs, so we've been improving the product continuously to support the company's dynamics. Multigrain Soybeans, Corn and Wheat is fully consolidated in AgroERP. There are no Excel sheets or lost files over the intranet.

Each department has its own function inside the system and so communication was also improved.

With partners like SevenFast, Multigrain has its processes much more agile and consolidated.

Formabella company had a software developed in Access that handled only the budget control and orders sent to the factory. They had a very simple cash flow, with a very limited connection between its intranet and the stores through Excell sheets that were manually transfered by e-mail. This process was bringing many many troubles to the company.

The whole price computation of the different products was made through worksheets and its PCP (Production Planning and Control) was controlled manually.

We created a windows service which through many configurations is able to identify the information to be sent and what type of update should be done. We automated the file transfer between the stores and the factory and vice-versa. We created an e-mail service that keeps registered in the system the e-mails between factory-store and store-factory that handle budges, orders and pieces of furniture to be fabricated.

We also projected and implemented the link with the furniture design software, bringing automatically to the budget the material that will be used to in the assembly process.

It was developed a module to the PCP that handles the factory, optimizing the performance of cutting machines and assembly of furnitures.

These procedures brought together major security to build the furnitures as this company builds tailored furnitures. They improved and gave more security to send the orders to the factory and gave more control to the financial department.


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