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More then just clients, business partners


Use the technical knowlege and being able to build business solutions in Information Technology to our customers, partners and to the country, in Brazil and abroad. This way, aggregating value to the contry, to the companies, to the society and to families.


It's the foundation of the relationships and business that we do. Everything that we do is done by people that really love what they do.

Sincerity and Transparency

They are the required needs by healthy and sustainable businesses.


In a dynamic and global world, it’s necessary to be well prepared to serve.


The commitment comes from our very wish to always do the best.


As we do it with love, being honest and transparent in our relationships and businesses, being well prepared and engaged with our mission, the ending result is the excellence.

SevenFast, Agile and High Quality TI Solutions

SevenFast is a young company that was born from the necessity of agribusiness companies count on technical knowledge in IT and business know how.
We are recognized by our customers for providing global IT solutions with agility and excellence.

Microsoft and Java Certifications

SevenFast has a staff graduated and specialized. We are proud to say that our employees are certified by Microsoft Corporation and by Sun Microsystems.

IT Consulting and IT Services

SevenFast has a wide experience in agribusiness and IT Consulting. We've been developed tools like AgroERP. This software is an unique outstanding state-of-the-art product for the agribusiness commodities able to integrate every department of your company. We also have worked with aviation, fabrics, petroil and other market sectors.


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